I first started to draw as an antidote to my father sending me to my room when I was naughty. Luckily, this led to art college and a career in paint effects and interior design, a job I still enjoy today. Occasional work making and painting props for a Childrens BBC television programme (Raven) keeps me busy for a few months every year. After relocating to Scotland I have decided to give art more attention.

I have always enjoyed watercolour and have drawn every pet to pass through the family.
I had my first commission at the age of nine to draw the family's German Shepherd and my mother allegedly still likes the painting. After branching out with commissions from friends and family this has led to exhibiting in England and now in Scotland. I am constantly inspired by the wildlife I find in my garden and the surrounding countryside but my first love will always be the horse. Having ridden from an early age I find it a fantastic tool for seeing wildlife close up without scaring it away. I photograph and sketch my subjects for later use in the studio but will use any means to gather the information I need to achieve the desired results.

I now live next to the river Deveron in Aberdeenshire with my family and my cats and dogs of dubious pedigree.

Pencil sketch of Horse